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Join us on an adventure guided by the extraordinary Tor Webster, our Avalon expert, through the mysterious lands of SW England.


Visit places like King Arthurs Tintagel, Merlins cave & St. Nectan’s Glen in Cornwall; & Woodhenge, Stonehenge and Avebury stone circles, Silbury Hill and West Kennett Longbarrow in Wiltshire.

Then in the mystical Glastonbury, (Heart Chakra of the planet) we will hear stories of Mary Magdalene, Joseph of Arimathea, Archangel Michael and the Christ, as we weave our way across the ley lines through these lands. See standing stones, waterfalls, holy springs, ancient trees 2,000 years old and more. Visit the “Underworld” shop owned by Paul Broadhurst (co-author of “The Sun & the Serpent” with Hamish Miller, world famous dowser), and the “Witchcraft Museum” as we delve deeply into the sacredness of this ancient Celtic land.

Then we will fly over to magical Morocco, the gateway to Africa, to do our part in building the bridge between Glastonbury and Mt. Toubkal in the High Atlas Mountains. (Future cardinal heart centre of the planet) For more information on this see the book – “The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail” by Robert Coon.

Essaouira from the harbour

I lived in Morocco for 2 years back in 1980s and learnt to speak Arabic which comes in very handy travelling around there. I also have family (in-laws) living there and have returned a few times over the years to visit them and friends. After going back and taking our daughter to see her grandmother and cousins etc. in 2011, then again this year, people who had been to Peru or Central Australia with us started to ask me to take them over, so this destination was added to my trip list.

We will visit places like Marrakech with its famous “Jma El Fna” square with acrobats, musicians, story tellers, bell ringing water carriers and snake charmers etc. Plus the Koutoubia Minaret & Mosque where 5 times a day the call to prayer for Muslims echoes across the city, the beautiful Yves St. Laurent garden, “Jardin Marjorelle”, with art gallery, its water features and plants from across the world, a peaceful haven amidst the chaos of the city.

Get lost in the souk, where kilometres of labyrinth like passage ways lead past market stalls & weave on and on forever in every direction. Go shopping or just photograph things such as leather goods, gold or silver jewellery, ceramics, carpets, olives, spices, nuts and fruits, clothes etc. If you do lose your way, ask a shop keeper for directions back to the Jma El Fnaa square, where in the early evening it comes alive and we can have dinner here and watch the scene unfold.


The stunning Ourika valley is just outside Marrakech and Setti Fatma is where the road of Route d’Ourika ends in the High Atlas Mountains. We will stop at the village of Setti Fatma which has numerous little outdoor restaurants along the river bank, a few souvenir shops & guides to lead the way to the famous waterfalls. On the way back visit medicinal botanical gardens, see Argan oil being pressed, pottery being made and fired and traditional village house etc.

Next we head to Essaouira on the Atlantic Coast, where we can start the day with a hammam, the traditional bath house, then walk through the old town or medina with Samira as our guide. Also a trip to the souk or market place to see the spices, silver, carpets, leatherwork etc., then buy food for our Moroccan traditional cooking class, which we can then eat on our roof top terrace.


Visit the Thuya wood workers at the Skala, the artists and the Ramparts with stunning views across the Portuguese brass cannons overlooking the sea, the harbour and the islands of Mogador. Harbour visit to see fresh fish and buy sardines straight off the boats & cooked while you wait.

We now head further south to stay overnight in Taroudant in the Souss valley, with a stop off at Paradise Valley, the beautiful palmlined gorge with swimming hole & waterfalls. We are now in a mainly Berber population and the whole town is walled with the gates still intact. We’ll visit the old renovated Kasbah Tizourgane on the way to Tafroute to see the rock formations of the Lions Head, Napoleans Hat etc. & the beautiful Amelyn Valley.

Near Tafroute

We will also visit 3 nearby Berber villages whose livelihood is honey, olive oil and pottery.  We will also go on a caleche (horse drawn carriage) trip around the walls of town and the tannery. On the way back to Marrakesh we will do a trip through the Tiz N Test pass right beside Mount Toubkal in the High Atlas
If you feel the call to join us for 3 weeks, please contact us now for the itinerary. Or you may feel to only do one part – just Morocco for 12 days, or similarly, just SW England for 8 days. Enquiries are welcome for prices for whole journey or either part of the trips. Accommodation will be in Bed and Breakfasts, hotels or self contained apartments on a twin share arrangement, unless otherwise requested.

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