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Peru, Bolivia & Easter Island with local Shamans

Certain places on earth can serve as powerful aids in outer and inner journeying. I have been taking groups to Peru and Bolivia since 1999 when I attended my first shamanic conference at Lake Titicaca. It was organised by Jorge Luis Delgado and there were Andean cosmologists, coca leaf readers and shamans from around South America. We were lead in sacred ceremonies by local shamans and the opening of the fourth 11.11 gate at the interdimensional doorway. We also worked with Pacha Mama (Mother Earth) and the Apus (Mountain Spirits).     The experience was so amazing and the people so beautiful, that I was inspired to share this with others by taking groups. Upon arrival each year we are greeted with “Welcome Home” and it really does feel like you are answering a call to return. We travel in small groups by plane, train, private boats and buses, with our own guides and interpreters. We visit some of the major sacred sites such as Machu Picchu, Cusco & Sacred Valley, home of the ancient mystery schools. Also Lake Titicaca with its Islands of the Sun & Moon, Peace & Love and Uros Floating Reed Islands, plus Tiwanaku, Sillustani, Copacopana, Aramu Muru Doorway, Nazca Lines, Amazon and more; where we work with local shamans joining them in ceremony and meditations. Their wisdom and feeling is inherited from generations of this work with the Earth. There have been many ceremonies since, the activation of the golden solar disc, the 11.11.11 and the 12.12.12. Looking forward to many more in the future, will you be a part of these???   Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of the local villages and market places where you will be tempted to buy hand-woven alpaca wool rugs and clothes, hand crafted jewellery and unique artefacts at very reasonable prices. The sounds of the Andean music will resonate in your memory forever. We stay in a variety of accommodation from mostly 4 star hotels to rooms in the villager’s homes, thus meeting the colourful local people and experiencing their generosity.   Usually we go on these journeys for approximately 3-4 weeks including travel time and the itinerary changes each year. Sometimes we stop over at Easter Island for a few days, sometimes we visit the Nazca area and fly over the Nazca Lines, or we visit Bolivia or the Amazon Rainforest. My friend Antony Taggert from Melbourne, Australia bought a run-down zoo near Iquitos in the Amazon of Peru several years ago and has transformed it to rehabilitate animals illegally poached from the rainforest. He also educates the local indigenous people about the importance of looking after the habitat for future generations rather than making a quick buck by selling the animals to tourists. I support him by giving 10% of the profits from these trips to Zoo  Peru. If you would like to  support his work you may do so via his website. Easter Island is known by the locals as Rapa Nui and is famous for its huge stone statues. On my first visit to this tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean between Tahiti and Chile, I met and stayed with Anna, who was as a young girl, guide to Thor Heyerdahl when he was studying there. He was the famous archaeologist/explorer who set out to prove that the ancient Incas from Peru, Equador and Chile could have built reed boats and travelled across to Easter Island. He was responsible for the Kon-Tiki Expedition and had a raft built from the Lake Titicaca reeds and sailed across in 101 days. He also spent several years there researching the giant stone statues and stone work and found amazing links with pre Inkan Peru. Today there is a strong Polynesian influence in the local culture. The tiny triangle shaped island has a volcano on each corner, with lakes in their craters and over 20,000 archaeological sites.Peru. If you would like to support his work you may do so via his website.

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“The month I spent in Peru with Judy and the group was one of the most amazing times in my life. The energy of the place and the unbelievably kind people who reside there is something that just has to be experienced. It was a stark reminder that we all need to unclutter our lives. We spent a month hiking to Spiritual sites with Shaman, doing ceremony and meeting some amazing local people. The conference at the Lake Titicaca had about 250 people from all over the world and many local Shaman, all gathered together for one purpose – to activate the golden solar disc. I met some really amazing people at the conference and I have kept in close contact with them. The experience was just too great to really describe in words. Even the food was unbelievable, it was such a high energy it didn’t take much to sustain you. I lost a bunch of weight (emotional and physical) and feel so much better for it. Since being home and back at work, everything is different. I highly recommend taking a power place journey with Judy, you will never be the same again.” – Donna Morrison, Feb, 2010

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