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About Sacred Site Travel


Hi and welcome to Sacred Site Travel. The world is full of amazing places and sacredness, and Mother Earth is just waiting for us to visit and connect with her. I hope that you will learn lots and and see exciting things as you stay tuned to these pages and posts.

From an early age, I had an inner knowing that we are responsible for our own health and well-being. Using modern medicine only when really necessary, I chose to look at the problem or cause of disease first.

I once read that medication or surgery solely used to correct symptoms is seen as akin to shooting a messenger bringing bad news. It is felt that harmony will only return to the body when the energy system is rebalanced; then the symptoms will disappear.

I believe we are all able to heal ourselves.

Using various techniques to re-balance blockages of energy flow throughout our bodies and homes, I can assist you in your healing process.

I have also travelled to many countries throughout the world over the years and visited many sacred sites.
When I was younger I found myself guided to these places by intuition, not really knowing their spiritual significance. Since learning more about geomancy, the chakra system and the energy points of the planet, I have developed a desire to share this knowledge with others and take groups to visit these sacred sites for the purpose of personal and earth healing.

In 1991 I left the hectic corporate world to follow a more spiritual based journey. This lead to many synchronistic events and opportunities which have allowed me to find my true path.

Through various teachers and personal contact with indigenous cultures around the world, I have found my greatest truth; that is a deep reverence for Mother Earth, our connection with Great Spirit and all that is.

From a place of peace and balance, I now enjoy sharing and teaching the skills which have been shared with me and over the years. I have been interviewed several times on the radio, had my articles published in a few new age magazines and was a presenter at ‘The Activation of the Golden Solar Disc” conference at Lake Titikaka, Peru in Feb, 2010 which was attended by over 200 people from all over the world. Also at the 11.11.11 & 12.12.12 conferences in Peru in November, 2011 & December 2012, with nearly 300 people gathered from around the world.

My Mission Statement

My mission in life is to teach and inspire all I meet to love, care, respect and reconnect to Mother Earth and all who live on her and to see the beauty in nature by taking people to visit sacred sites around the world and connect with indigenous people. It is to speak and walk my truth and shine my light for all to see.

Love, light & laughter, Judy O’Donnell